We are mentoring millennials to be the richest generation ever.

This vision was birthed out of hearing repeatedly from a variety of media and people that millennials are lazy, entitled, and that because they buy avocado toast their hopes of ever accumulating wealth are lost forever in a delicious mistake. Since I am a millennial, I took deep offence to this, which is why I started You Got This. I want to bring a positive message of hope and strength to young people to let them
know that they’re better off than they think they are. With a mentor on their side offering the right advice to benefit them, not the financial

advisor, they can say to themselves “you got this”. The finance industry has been run by an old boys club of white haired millionaires for too long.They don’t care if you succeed, as long as you’re trapped by some debt (which they own). The standard advice we keep hearing from our parents, our parent’s financial advisor, or our bank is tired and frankly wrong. The world is changing and it’s time we heard a new message, from a relatable perspective, with a fresh strategy specifically for millennials to tackle building wealth and assets in Canada. Let’s start achieving and become financially independent. You Got This!