Stop kissing your sister

Whooot, if you’re still on the resolution train you’re a rare breed. I don’t usually toot my own horn but if the last few blog posts have helped you stay on track, then toot toot. This week’s tip is another winner for sure! If you want to crush your resolutions this year you need to KEEP A COMPELLING SCOREBOARD!

Week 3 – Keep Score

Have you ever played “for fun”? This doesn’t exist in my world. Board games or ball games I want to keep score cause I wanna win! Before I book myself in for some counselling sessions it’s nice to know I’m not the only one. I HATE watching the NHL Allstars game. Why? Because even though the scoreboard is turned on, they’re basically not keeping score. Everyone floats around all lazy and the score is stupid high. What I LOVE however is any final game in any sport when it’s only 2 teams left and they’re gunning for the title of number 1 and the cup. I assure you that in those games every player knows exactly what the scoreboard says the entire game! Cause keeping score keeps you engaged. The fundamental purpose of a scoreboard is to motivate the players to win. When you keep score it changes the level at which you play.


Here are the primary factors of a compelling scoreboard.

1.       It’s clean and simple. During a football game, there are informational brainiac’s sitting in the stands keeping track of downs, rush attempts, yards gained, minutes in possession of the ball (to name a few). But a compelling scoreboard should only display the information needed to play the game.

2.       It must be in plain sight, to be viewed daily. Keep it where you can see it.

3.       You need to know if you’re winning or losing at a glance. Firstly, because no one likes losing, can you see if you’re #winning at a glance? And can you see what needs to be done to get there?

Let me reference the football scoreboard again for a moment. At a glance, you see only the information pertinent to play the game, clean and simple. Everyone in the stadium, players AND fans, can see it. At a quick glance, each team can see if they’re winning or losing and what needs to be done to change the score (time, score, number of downs, and yards left to the next first down). Now that I’ve used enough football references to have my own segment on ESPN, I hope you’re encouraged and fired up to get out there, keep score, and start winning! GoOOooOOOOoOOOOOOOO TEAM!