Financial Services


I specialize in servicing your entire financial picture; a complete and strategic purpose for your finances that is uniquely tailored to accomplish your personal goals.



Personal Finance

Your personalized unique plan

Whether you're in need of a more efficient cash flow, a working budget, help utilizing your TFSA and RRSP,  developing a retirement plan, or funding your child's education I look forward to hearing your goals and building a financial blueprint uniquely designed to accomplish your dreams.

Corporate Finance

Put your business to work

You've worked hard building your business, let me show how to put your business to work for you by maximizing tax advantages including removing trapped funds from your holdco tax-free, developing cash values for asset transfers, or funding your retirement.



Tactical financial growth

When it comes to investing you can either weather the storms of the market highs and lows with passive management at a large bank or partner with me to take advantage of ideal market conditions to maximize growth and minimize loss through my tactical portfolio management.

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Guard your goals

Life is unpredictable, ensure your dreams and goals are protected. You are your greatest ability to make money. Through a proper analysis of your needs I want to show you how to use insurance products to protect your ability to accomplish your goals while also contributing to your savings plan.

Lane really helped me understand my finances to maximize savings and live a generous life. He really helps you understand the different investment vehicles and makes sure you have a firm grasp of where your money is going before you sign anything.
— Daniel Roe, 2016
I found Lane to be both professional, helpful, and personable as we talked about a very sensitive (and private!) part of my families life - our finances. I sensed Lane cared about the well being of my family and his advice and services helped me get ‘on top’ of the future of our finances. The money map he laid out for us was very practical and immediately helpful, we now have a more wholistic and healthy grasp of our money and feel more prepared to handle whats to come.
Thanks Lane!
— Koby Liesch, 2016
My experience with Lane’s wealth services has been absolutely fantastic. He has been able to help me re-structure my finances and set up my financial future...In the first 3 weeks of working with him, I was able to save what would have taken me more than 2 months of saving in my previous system.
— Eldon Sproule, 2015
Lane is a magician. Ok. He’s not. But he is almost like one. He helped us get our finances in line and we have never felt so good or stayed on budget so good. We are paying our bills, paying off loans & [our] car, life insurance AND our own allowance. If you’re a young family and want someone to look at your finances with you - check our Lane! He also has a young family so he gets it. Honestly. Do it!
— Candace Stock, 2016
Lane’s extremely professional, easy to understand and friendly approach to finances was refreshing. He took all the guess work out of it and gave me a solid plan to follow.
— Kyle Rutten, 2016