If you were losing money unknowingly and unnecessarily how soon would you want to know about it?

I wasted a lot of good years working my tail off just to live paycheque to paycheque without any hope in sight of achieving my financial goals, which is why I started You Got This.

I want to bring a positive message of hope and strength with a fresh young voice on finances to let Vancouverites know that they’re better off than they think they are. With a mentor on their side offering the right advice to benefit them, and not the financial institutes, they can say to themselves “you got this”.

The finance industry has been run by an old boys club of white haired millionaires for too long.They don’t care if you succeed, as long as you’re trapped by some debt (which they own). The standard advice we keep hearing from our parents, our parent’s financial advisor, or our bank is tired and frankly wrong.

The world is changing and it’s time we heard a new message, from a relatable perspective, with a fresh strategy specifically for Vancouverites to tackle building wealth and assets in Canada. so roll up your sleeves and let’s start tackling your goals.

You Got This!





Personal Finance


Whether you're in need of a more efficient cash flow, a working budget, help utilizing your TFSA and RRSP,  developing a retirement plan, or funding your child's education I look forward to hearing your goals and building a financial blueprint uniquely designed to accomplish your dreams.




When it comes to investing you can either weather the storms of the market highs and lows with passive management at a large bank or partner with me to take advantage of ideal market conditions to maximize growth and minimize loss through my tactical portfolio management.


corporate finance


You've worked hard building your business, let me show how to put your business to work for you by maximizing tax advantages including removing trapped funds from your holdco tax-free, developing cash values for asset transfers, or funding your retirement.




Life is unpredictable, ensure your dreams and goals are protected. You are your greatest ability to make money. Through a proper analysis of your needs I want to show you how to use insurance products to protect your ability to accomplish your goals while also contributing to your savings plan.





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Privacy Statement

I endeavour to maintain the highest standards of confidentiality in dealing with client information and I adhere to the Personal Information and Electronic Documents Act (“PIPEDA”), a federal privacy law.


  1. Accountability – My company is responsible for the personal information I receive from my clients and I abide by the principles of PIPEDA in safeguarding that information in hard copy and computer documents. My employees also understand and abide by these rules.

  2. Collection Purposes, Limitations on Collection, Use, Disclosure and Retention – Any and all identity, health, corporate and financial information is collected and kept solely for the purpose of providing advice and to ensure that any products or services you purchase through me are provided quickly and correctly.  In order to obtain products for you, I am required to confidentially convey your information to insurers through wholesale organizations.  I only collect and retain information that helps me formulate advice and service the products you purchase through me. 

  3. Consent – The nature of my work means I must receive and retain a lot of personal information about my clients including health data, financial data and identity verification.  I use this information to make judgments about your situation and to identify possible solutions to problems you might have.  In becoming my client, you agree to give me this information, allow me to share this information with relevant financial companies and intermediaries, and you allow me to retain your information in my paper and electronic files for as long as you wish me to be your advisor or as long as I have a business or legal need to retain the information.  Should I retire, die or become incapacitated, you allow me to transfer your file information, including your personal information, to another agent or agency, to continue to service your needs.  However, you have the right to choose a different agent if you wish.  You also agree to receive electronic communications or Commercial Electronic Messages (CEMs) from me.  You may withdraw your consent at any time.

  4. Information Accuracy – I rely on receiving accurate information in order to make appropriate recommendations.  You may review the personal information I retain about you upon request.  I may also update the information regularly in an effort to ensure I am making recommendations about your situation based on the correct information.

  5. Safeguards – All the written information I receive from you is either in secure filing cabinets or in password protected computer files.  Any computer files stored off site are military grade encrypted or locked.  Old files that are discarded are shredded or otherwise completely destroyed.  My staff understands the sensitivity of this information and the importance of protecting it.


Questions, Concerns and Access – You may contact me at any time by telephone, email or letter at the address shown on this page about your files with me and request changes.You may review PIPEDA online at www.privcom.gc.ca.If you have any complaints about my procedures I will investigate and provide you with a response as soon as practical.A full copy of my Privacy Policy is available upon request.

Advisor Disclosure


I, Lane Cuthbert, am a licensed life insurance agent in the Province of British Columbia. I am also an ordained minister and legal representative for the Province of British Columbia to carry a marriage license. As such, I officiate a small number of weddings each year.

Companies I Represent

I currently hold broker contracts with the following companies: Manulife Financial, Empire Life, Equitable Life, Canada Life, Canada Protection Plan, Humania (Hugo), Desjardins, Sunlife, Ivari, RBC, SLi, BMO, SSQ, iA Assurance, myHSA, Manulife bank, and ISI.

 Relationship with the Companies I Represent

No insurance company holds an ownership interest in my business, nor do I hold an interest in any insurance company


If you choose to purchase a financial product through me, I will be paid a sales commission from the company that issues the product. Although I earn a commission when you purchase financial products, it is sound financial strategy and not just products which help you to achieve financial success. I charge a fee for strategy design work, but this fee is discounted if you go on to implement strategies and products under my guidance.

I may receive a renewal (or service) commission if you keep your financial products for years to come. I may also be eligible for additional compensation, such as bonuses or non-monetary benefits like travel incentives, depending on factors like the volume or consistency of business I generate over a given time period. While I am paid commissions by insurance companies, no insurance company holds an interest in my business. Your financial goals are my first priority.

More Information

If you’d like more information about my qualifications or the nature of my business relationships, I would be happy to discuss this further with you.